Saturday, September 11, 2010

Playing Fair - Fair Trade Sports Balls

Etiko Fair Trade Etiko. It means ethical. It means fair trade and sustainable.We now sell Etiko Soccer balls and are promoting Fair Trade Sports balls at soccer clubs in Perth, see the extract below to see why this matters...

 "In 2005 our sports balls were the first sports balls in Australia and New Zealand to be certified Fairtrade. Interestingly nearly 5 years later they are still the only sports ball range to be certified!

That’s not to say that the sports industry has tidied up its act ..because it hasn’t. As recently as the end of 2008 not one but eleven sports brands were implicated not only in the use of child labour but also child slavery! Not only are our sports balls certified Fairtrade they are also exceptionally high quality and designed to last. We refuse to use PVC the most toxic plastic there is and commonly found in cheaper sport balls. When you see a ball peeling you know it’s made from PVC. 

By the way 5% off all net sales from the Jinta range will be given to the Mt Theo program which is based in the Northern Territory, Australia helping address substance misuse issues amongst young people in remote Aboriginal communities."  

For more information go to this site:-

The Fair Trade Group team will be at The East Fremantle Soccer club on Saturday the 18th September, buy your Fair Trade balls there.

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