Thursday, September 16, 2010


Better World Arts. Think about those three words. What do they say to you?

To me, those three words strung together give me a feeling of hope. And inspiration. It speaks of a positive change by creating a better world through the form of Arts. And BWA is true to its name.

The beauty of Aboriginal culture and tradition is creatively handed down in the form of bracelets, jewelry boxes, cards and a long list of other authentic and innovative designs.

Each item, like the bracelet below, has a sticker which shows us a picture of the designer and also gives us a brief background/introduction of the designer. 

At the Fair Trade shop along 5 King William Street in Bayswater, you can find a colourful range of BWA's handpainted bracelets, boxes and cards.

Better World Arts... a step closer to strengthening cultures by supporting and valuing traditional skills and lifestyles.

Written by a volunteer at the Oxfam Fair Trade Shop

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