Saturday, October 2, 2010

Change, not Charity

If you Walked Against Want, participated in CAA State Conventions or attended One World Dinners...

...or were passionate about some of the burning issues of the time, such as the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, or Indigenous rights (Noonkanbah and the Swan Brewery)...

...or are simply interested in ground roots action, then allow me to introduce Everley Mortlock's book, Change Not Charity, about the history of Community Aid Abroad now known as Oxfam Australia.

Perth in the 70s and 80s saw the founding and flourishing in WA of Community Aid Abroad and this vibrant history is captured in Eversley's book. She examines the community culture of the time, and the roles and influence of key people, especially Joan Carlin, Jeremy Hobbs and the late Scott Christie.

Eversley also notes the continuing impact of those years with many of those involved going on to take up professional roles in community development both in Australia and overseas. Not the least of these is Jeremy Hobbs who has been Executive Director of Oxfam International for the last ten years.

Change Not Charity is available for $22 in person at our Bayswater shop, or $25 for mail delivery (from Friends of Oxfam Australia, 5 King William Street, Bayswater, 6053).

Written by Anne from the Fair Trade WA Group

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