Friday, January 12, 2018

What She Makes - Securing a Living Wage for Garment Workers

Last year saw the launch of the What She Makes campaign from Oxfam – with the goal of securing living wages for garment workers in developing countries. 

A living wage is one that supports the basic necessities of life - shelter, food and water, along with other essentials such as healthcare, education and a small amount to save towards the future.  Unfortunately the majority of garment workers continue to be trapped in poverty, disempowered and overworked; with few companies and major brands committed to making the changes towards a living wage.

In our shop we support fair trade enterprises that have been paying a living wage and allowing women and children to access education and basic health services – from Bangladesh, Thailand to Laos and as a far as Paraguay. They also provide a path for traditions and cultures to live on – and over the next few posts we will be sharing these fair trade products and stories with you.  

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