Tuesday, June 13, 2017

World Day Against Child Labour

Today is World Day Against Child Labour, which aims to bring together governments, local authorities, civil society actors such as Oxfam, along with businesses and consumers globally, to recognise and act against the forced child labour that continues to be commonplace in developing countries.

Our shop supports producers across countries where child labour has and continues to be widespread, such as Bangladesh and Vietnam. They include CAMACrafts, Mai Handicrafts and Siham Craftlink which all aim to give a voice to the children and women that are often marginalised by their community and forced into harsh labour conditions. The not-for-profit enterprises promote the skills and talents of their local producers, providing an environment where they can take time to create their handicrafts while also having the freedom for leisure, and recognising their work through a fair wage.

The result is a beautiful collection of hand woven baskets, bags, scarfs and kitchen crafts, many of which you can find in our shop in Bayswater.

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