Friday, March 10, 2017

Lahu handicraft

We have just received some beautiful hand woven bags and cosmetics pouches made by Lahu women in Thailand.

Who are the Lahu people?

Lahu people migrated from China in the area around the Tibetan plateau, to bordering Southeast Asian countries over the last 200 years.  Approximately 58,000 Lahu people live in Thailand.

Lahu handicrafts

Lahu women are skilled in weaving cloth both on back strap and foot treadle looms. Lahu weaving is unique and Lahu women are known for delicate and colourful patchwork trims.

Traditionally the tribal people have supported their families by engaging in slash and burn agriculture, which required them to move their village every few years in search of new fields when old ones lost their fertility. It is no longer possible for them to continue this semi-nomadic lifestyle, as there are no new places to move on to.  Also, mainly for ecological reasons the Thai Government prohibits the felling of trees and clearing of hillside land. So the tribal people are finding that they have less and land on which to support their families.

Women in Lahu communities produce handicrafts, such as the bags we now have in store.  Handicraft supports traditions of tribal community life.  

Come by the store to see (and feel) these beautiful products.

To read more about Lahu people click here

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