Sunday, March 5, 2017

Labour Day - Celebrate your working rights

Today many of us are enjoying a long weekend here in WA, but what does Labour Day actually mean?

Labour Day recognises the achievements of those that advocated for workers’ rights and the eight hour work day, but can also encompass the guaranteeing safer working conditions, payed overtime, safeguarding sick and annual leave, and more recently the introduction of superannuation and maternity leave.

Unfortunately these sort of working conditions and benefits are far and few between in developing nations throughout the world.

Fair trade aims to address problems such as a lack of formal employment contracts, freedom of association, assuring health and safety, and adequate wages. It can do this by creating a system and standards that provide a dialogue between the employer and worker that is often missing. An environment where a worker can claim their rights is one where they can also participate in solving the productivity challenges of the business.

You can help to empower these workers by supporting fair trade producers and enterprises. Come into the shop to see our range of Maroma soaps, or the handcrafted jewellery by Khmer Creations. Both of these enterprises are focussed on securing gender equality, advocating for sustainable wages and other labour rights; but most importantly they empower workers through fair trade.

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