Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outback Pride - Tucker Time

Kylie Kwong is adding a distinctive Aussie edge to the menu

Celebrity chefs in their high-end restaurants have just cottoned on to the bitter and unique flavours of Australian berries and leaves and are now ordering hundreds of kilograms of bush foods every week.
A South Australian couple with long outback connections are the ones literally putting bush foods on the menu.
In the foodie world, Kylie Kwong is known for her Asian-influenced cuisine.
In recent months her menu has been evolving in a particularly Australian manner.
"[It] showcases the vivid flavours of organically-grown bush foods and wild weeds," she said. Read the rest of the article on the ABC website and watch the clip from Landline to see why we are so glad to be able to sell Outback Pride products.

Gayle and Mike Quarmby at their nursery

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