Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reach for the stars

The Fair Trade Oxfam Group.

To me, its functions are similar to that of a body where each part is essential to the working of the other. Volunteers, like the parts of a body, support each other. All share a common ground of interest - to make trade fair.

This year, it was on the wish list to reach $100,000 in the sale of Fair Trade products. With much delight, it can be officially announced that the Fair Trade Oxfam group have sold more than $101,000 since its establishment in 2007.

This significant milestone is attributed by hundreds of volunteers' hours and willingness of the community to approach us at stalls and at the shop to not only find out about Fair Trade but also support it by purchasing Fair Trade products.

It is most rewarding, being a volunteer at the Fair Trade shop. Knowing that the friendship bracelets that we purchase from Helping Hands help to provide educational opportunities for young people in
Bolivia. That the Better World Arts bracelets that we bring along to the stalls supports Aboriginal artists and other communities. Amongst other very special Fair Trade products.

Thank YOU.

Volunteers, thank you.

Thank you for your smiles.

Your time.

Your cares.

Thank you for making everyone's experience at the shops and stalls a wonderful one.

Let's look forward to 2011 and to making trade fair.

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  1. And thank you Monica for this wonderful post and all your hard work:) CP