Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fair Trade Collective Meeting for October 28th

Hi all,

A bit more concrete has come out of the latest fair trade collective meeting.

First, they have the new diaries for 2010. They are selling them for $12 wholesale, do we want to take any for the shop? This may be an item for the next meeting, or a decision for now. If we want some, let me know and I'll organise it.

On Thursday the 3rd, Daniel (who's last name I can't remember) from FTAANZ will be in Perth. He organises Fairtrade labelling in Australia, and is very knowledgeable about the process of certification. He is going to speak at a few events, so I think we should promote these when the details are finalised. They should be very interesting, I've seen him before and he is good.

On December 5 we have the East Fremantle Fair. I have spoken with the council and it's too late for us to get a stall this year, however the Councillor who organises the event is keen for us to get on board next year, particularly as we are a Not for Profit, promoting Fair Trade. We should put this event on our Calender.

Finally, there will be two FT collective stalls which will need volunteers on the 12th and 13th (at Oxford St and the Perth Cultural Markets respectively). We can have some of our information and merchandise on the stall, which will be shared with other Fairtrade groups, and when the details are finalised in the next couple of days we can ask for volunteers. Keep these dates free if you can though, because all of these events and stalls look likely to happen!



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