Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today is VDAY.
VDAY is a global day of mass action to end violence against women and girls.
In Australia one in three women has experienced physical and or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them (ABS 2013).
Women account for 55-60% of all trafficking victims detected globally; women and girls together account for 75% of victims (Hagar 2015).
Anyone can play a role in supporting women and children around the world escape violence.  One way of helping women to escape violence is by supporting their economic freedom.  Purchasing fair trade goods made by women is a meaningful way to make a difference.
We are proud to stock many items that support women.  Today, we share with you the story of Khmer Creations.  Khmer Creations was founded in 2007 to benefit Cambodian women and their communities.  Khmer Creations started as a therapeutic workshop run in shelters for women who were sex trafficked, and quickly became a business creating sustainable employment for women.  Khmer Creations' jewellery studio is managed by an all-female, all-Cambodian team and exports jewellery all over the world.
Come into our store to see some of the beautiful jewellery made by Khmer Creations.
To learn more see Khmer Creations' website: http://www.khmercreations.org/
To find out more about VDAY check out this video - https://youtu.be/rgbawrWUPu0
If facts and figures are your thing, this site has some statistics on violence against women: https://www.ourwatch.org.au/Understanding-Violence/Facts-and-figures
To learn more about how Oxfam is playing a role in making a change to the violence faced by women around the world see here https://www.oxfam.org/en/pressroom/pressreleases/2016-11-24/enough-enough-oxfam-seeks-end-violence-against-women-and-girls 

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