Sunday, August 14, 2016

'One Humanity'

There are over 130 million people around the world who are in need of humanitarian assistance. Helping and empowering these communities takes a team of dedicated and passionate humanitarian workers, many of whom risk their lives each and every day.

World Humanitarian Day lets us recognise those on the ground in developing countries and at the frontline of creating change. This year’s celebration is inspired by the theme of ‘One Humanity’, which focuses on how the world can come together to advocate for a more equal and humane society. Oxfam Australia has volunteers and humanitarian aid workers that mobilise when a natural disaster strikes or who are part of the community they are helping, in areas affected by poverty, civil war or natural disasters.  

The Fair Trade WA Oxfam Group supports the humanitarian programs carried out by Oxfam Australia around the world, through selling fair trade sourced products and by raising awareness of global issues in the local community.

Come into the shop in Bayswater, to see how buying fair trade can help to make a big difference.

Or see how you can get involved with Oxfam at

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