Friday, January 18, 2013

Keeping empowerment at the heart of Fairtrade

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The global movement for fairer trade and ethical consumption continues to grow despite the global economic challenge of recessions. No question there is a long way to go, but it would be foolish to try and write this movement off as a fad or as ‘niche’, as so many have tried to do. In my eyes it is the fair trade movement that leads the way here. Fair trade is about much more than just being ethical in our purchases, simply making sure that the goods we purchase are not produced under unethical conditions. Fair trade, including Fairtrade Certification, brings to this the idea of empowerment. Empowering farmers, workers and artisans in the developing world through trading relationships aimed at improving their lives and that of their communities, while also empowering consumers and businesses to use their resources to support real change.

Daniel Mackey writes about the ideals that Fair trade was built upon and the recent developments in the Fair Trade universe. Click here to read the full article from Fair Trade Australia New Zealand blog.

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