Monday, July 9, 2012

A better life for Pune waste pickers

 Rekha Chandrakant Khandagale at work. Photo: Bipasha Majumder/OxfamIndia

Last year, we brought you a compelling short film about the female waste pickers of Pune, India. Earning a living from collecting other people’s recyclable trash and selling it on to scrap merchants isn’t the most pleasant job to start with, but these women face challenges above and beyond that. Social prejudice, exploitation and poverty are just some of the occupational hazards that come from working in this unregulated sector.
But, as the video shows, the waste pickers of Pune are fighting for a better life — and, slowly but surely, succeeding. With support and training from Oxfam partner SNDT (Women’s University), the women now have a trade union, KKPKP, to help them achieve wider recognition, rights and job security. Read more here...

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