Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Helping Hands Project

The Helping Hands Project is designed to provide educational opportunities for marginalized Bolivian youth and other deserving young people of very limited economic resources. The Project helps keep these young people in school until they finish high school and also provides the opportunity to continue in a post secondary programme of education in Bolivian technical institutes and universities.

Originally focused on teenaged boys who had to leave the state boys’ home at 18 years of age, Helping Hands now includes both boys and girls from many homes, other projects and poor areas.

This Year, 2011, we are assisting 60 young students, 26 of whom are girls. Four of our students attend high school and the remainder are pursuing a post secondary education. We have young people studying Nursing, Education, Tourism, Journalism, Linguistics, Systems Engineering, Commercial Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Accounting, Automobile Mechanics, Law and Psychology.

The HHP provides medical and dental care for our students, holds monthly talks and organizes weekend activities for healthy entertainment and instruction for our students. All students are required to have a bank account and an e-mail address, and they are encouraged to start a savings plan. We are pleased to be able to sell these bracelets, made by the students, to support this project.

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