Friday, September 23, 2011

Making Good Things Grow

Some members of the Fair Trade Group celebrating Anne's Fifty years of volunteering for Oxfam.

Thank you to all the members of the group who worked so hard to make the night a success, for Anne and the 84 guests.

Thank you also to all those absent friends who were unable to attend and bought cards from Anne's  Unwrapped wish-list, raising over $1200 for Oxfam programs.

Thanks to Bercat, Siham Craftlink, and Fair Go Trading for their donation of raffle prizes.

Also thanks to Mokosh, U-Chus, Loose Produce, New Internationalist, Better World Arts, Stones Pizza, Bodhi J and group members for donations.

  We will be  now be able to donate  another $3000 to the East Africa Appeal as a result of donations, ticket sales and raffle ticket proceeds.

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