Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet our newest supplier: Go Fair!

We've just received some great Fair Trade products from our newest supplier Go Fair. Their motto is:
"Providing children with multicultural and educational toys while supporting those in need."
African Animals String - Being sold for $16.

Go Fair is a leading supplier of Aboriginal educational resources. Take a look at some of their producers here. These products also support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

"Go Fair is also proud to be able to provide quality, hand-made indigenous resources from Aboriginal owned businesses operating in remote Australian communities and also artisans from the Torres Strait Islands – the team at Go Fair believe that these hand-crafted indigenous products are an ideal way with which to teach Australia’s youngest generation about the dynamic cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands people."
Dragonfly String - Being sold for $12.
We've just ordered in some of the lovely Decorative Strings. Made in India, these strings feature very cute, stuffed animals in colourful designs that can be hung on a wall. The images are from the Go Fair website and show the dragonfly string and the African animal string.

You can also check out their facebook here.

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