Sunday, June 19, 2011

Qi Teas

Delicious range of teas available at our shop and they are all organic and Fair Trade.
 As well, Qi teas are prepared in a true spirit of partnership with local farmers and growers.  
Under Organic Fairtrade rules, Herbal Health provides farmers
and growers with:
  • A fair price and guaranteed income.
  • Financial support by contributing towards the costs of organic inspections.
  • Technical training and technical support.
  • Agreed employment framework for workers which respects their human rights and promotes good working conditions.
  • A social and community fund which promotes and supports community well being.
The social and community fund aims at:
  • Sustaining the economic viability and well being of remote mountain communities by helping them diversify their organic agricultural output.
  • Supporting village schools and helping them meet the needs of children from remote village communities who board at the school. 

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