Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Fair Trade Stock

As you know from our last post, the Fair Trade WA Oxfam Group will be running a stall at the Eco Faerie Festival this coming Sunday, 27 March. We will be selling many old favourites as well as some of the great new stock we've just received.

First, we have these adorable stuffed animals, hand made by R.T.U in India. Here we have Twiga the Giraffe ($9.95), Kavi the Camel ($12.95) and Raza the Elephant ($9.95).

We also have these colourful wooden yoyos from the Alura Amara organisation in Indonesia. Alura Amara is a self-funded, independent producer community of 50 members which anyone can join if they are committed to its goals of independence and development.

From the website:
'Alura Amara offers its members excellent working conditions, daily education programmes and a rice subsidy ... Since 2003, all members of the group have received accident, health and life insurance. After working with the group for four months, members also have access to a pension plan.'

Although members of Alura Amara receive a flat monthly wage regardless of sales, your purchase of products like these yoyos supports the group and allows it to continue its excellent work.

And finally, if you would like to know more about Fair Trade in WA you can pick up a copy of the 'Pocket Guide to Fair Trade in WA' from our stall. This compact guide is produced by Oxfam Australia and the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand and can be picked up at our stalls or Bayswater location for a 50c donation.

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