Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Design for Good: A competition with a cause

Fair trade clothing and footwear brand, Etiko, is holding a 'Design For Good' t-shirt competition, which encourages people of all ages to submit designs on the subject of fair trade. There are prizes involved as well as the opportunity to have their designs printed on one of Etiko's certified fairtrade and organic cotton t-shirts.

The competition, which was launched on 1 March, encourages people from all ages to participate by sending in fun, creative and vibrant designs on Fair trade, which brings justice to workers in third-world countries.

Daniel Mackey, Fairtrade ANZ Business Developer says, “While roughly two thirds of cotton is currently produced in developing countries, cotton growers in these countries face a number of obstacles to ensuring that their hard work results in a sustainable and dignified life for themselves and their families.”

The ‘Design for Good’ competition will create greater awareness of the Fairtrade organic cotton industry, which has been somewhat over-shadowed by the growth of Fairtrade coffee and chocolate.

Nick Savaidis, founder of Etiko says, “Cotton is one of the most widely grown and chemical-intensive crops in the world.” “Growing and harvesting the one kilogram of cotton fibre needed to make a t-shirt takes an enormous toll on air quality, water resources and soil productivity, and has a significant impact on the health of people in cotton-growing areas.”

While growing the cotton has such a large impact on the environment, Nick says the conditions for workers are just as bad, which is why Fairtrade organic cotton should be the number one choice for consumers.

The competition will be judged by Facebook friends, Fairtrade ANZ, and Etiko. The winners will be announced during Fair Trade Fortnight (May 7 – 22) via the Fairtrade ANZ website and the ESP website.

To enter, head onto www.etiko.com.au and click on "Design for Good".

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