Saturday, July 3, 2010

Waterhole Dreaming

Imagine the cutest little vases, pots and bowls and combine that with beautiful Aboriginal artwork designed with eye-catching colours and you will get our new range of Waterhole Dreaming pottery.

There is also an "ashtray" which we could not resist buying because of its intricate and special handpainted design. I personally think that it is too precious to be used as an ashtray and so I have nicknamed it "Austray" and came up with a number of ways that one could to use it.

1. Frame it using mini wooden stands
2. Use it at home parties to hold finger food
3. Perfect key holder (note to self and housemates: gently place keys in delicate Austray)
4. Brilliant gift especially when sending to family and friends overseas
5. Bring to work and use as jelly bean bowl
6. Even better, fill it with fair trade chocolates!

What fascinates me most is that "every painting tells a story and has meaning to it". The personal touch of the artwork by artists from Aboriginal backgrounds, most of them from Queensland, makes it feel like you are bringing a piece of history home with you.

For pictures and to find out more about Waterhole Dreaming, head onto their website

Written by a volunteer/shopper at the Fair Trade Store

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