Sunday, May 23, 2010

We are back on Facebook!

As we discussed, I've relaunched the group on facebook. Essentially the plan is to use the blog as the main source of all information to do with the Group, and the facebook group is another way to reach a larger audience. For example, where upcoming events/stalls, etc.

If anyone has any suggestions on how it can be improved or enhanced just let me know. And if you can help out it would be great too! So for everyone who is on facebook the group is called: 

"Fair Trade Oxfam Group WA" so please join and spread the word.

It will not be used to post any information that in any way violates the privacy of our members but purely as an information source and another way to get people visiting the Fairtrade blog website. If you feel anything needs to be removed from the page do let me know.

And that's it! Hope it goes smoothly from here :)


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