Sunday, March 1, 2009

Posts from Cara in Laos

I am pleased to be able to pass on some messages and photos from one of our roving group members, Cara. I have only posted a few of the many photos, if you want to know more, please do contact me and i will pass you on to Cara.

Hi Caron

Here are more photos from Hmong new year at the end of December. The first are taken on the first night of Hmong new year when we were invited to one of our students houses. The next ones are from the games being played around the village here. The ones following that are from a different village about 30mins away called Namone where they were having a big Hmong festival/party. Our students we to perform dances there. The last few are from when our Hmong students let us try the traditional dress on and we went to play the games dressed up - it was really hot!


Hi Caron
I know your busy but feel free and have a flick through some of the pictures from when i first came back. The first ones are just from a friends birthday, followed by a mixture of random ones. The ones after that are from environment class when we went and picked up rubbish along the roadside. The photos after that are from when a couple of the students took me fishing down the river.

Thanks for keeping in touch Cara, we will look forward to future posts, stock and your return.

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